While Bellville is small, it's definitely not insignificant. First of all, it is located in the heart of bluebonnet country and the blue flower display every spring attracts crowds of photographers and flower enthusiasts. It is only an hour away from Houston, making it a perfect place for a day trip. The town has only one library, one newspaper, and about 4,000 permanent residents, but it does not lack in fun things to do.


1. The Bellville Perk

You might feel a bit like on Friends, but on a smaller scale. This coffee joint has the cozy factor and the modern twist. The assortment ranges from traditional coffee cups to various iced and frozen concoctions to satisfy even the most adventurous coffee connoisseurs. If you don't care for coffee, you will be treated to a smoothie or shaved ice masterpiece.

Finally, you are in the South, so expect friendly service and Southern charm anytime you visit.



2. Medieval Newman's Castle

This landmark is not your typical Texas architecture, so be prepared to get surprised. The owner of Newman's Bakery came up with the idea and built this stunner in 8 eight years with the help of one man.

There is a hand-operated draw bridge, a courtyard, five turrets, and a dining hall, which is great for events. The whole construction is surrounded by a moat. Halls are furnished by hand-made replicas of medieval stuff.

Daily tours are available. Visitors meet at Newman's Bakery, where they can start their tour with a tasty breakfast or coffee.



3. Austin County Jail Museum

Jails of the past were often architectural masterpieces, and this one is no exception. It was built in 1896 and features red brick and lime stone details. It had three stories of jail cells and a tower for gallows.

Visitors can attend various exhibits about history of the whole county. Kids love the educational and entertaining stories on tours that are available every Saturday.



4. Holland Street Art Gallery

Art is very much appreciated in Bellville, and this gallery is a great place to start. You will find works of over 160 local artists and craftsmen of every kind. Glasswork, paintings, weaving, pottery, woodwork you name it.

In addition to expositions and sales, you can take art classes for adults and kids. Jewelry making, pet painting, and many other lessons are available for guests and locals alike.



5. Bellville Meat Market

Tourists and locals love visiting this place that has been in operation since 1981 and always has an experienced butcher on hand. You can enjoy various tastings of smoked and cooked delicacies from local produce and meat.

Pecan smoked barbeque is legendary here, and so are chicken and turkey, prepared the same way. People come here for more than just meat. The meat market also features hand-made spices, preserves, and to-die-for Back Porch Pecan Pies for sale.


  Fruit and Veggies Market

6. The Farm to Market Produce Company

Local and fresh Texas produce is the goal here, so be ready for load up on flavorful fruit and veggies. And that's just a start. You can also make a perfect lunch or dinner of freshly cooked options, like spinach enchiladas, chicken pot pies, and various soups. Eating here is popular among locals, so you can mingle or grab a to-go package and eat the good stuff in the bluebonnet field.



7. Bellville's Historic Blacksmith Shop and Phenix Knives

It has been in operation since 1891. You can marvel at artifacts from an age long gone and enjoy watching a modern knife maker at work there every day. The bladesmith and knife shop has been attracting visitors since 2003, when cowboy Szymanski started working there.

All the knives are hand-made and feature artful designs and ornamentation. Don't be surprised if Szymanski will look familiar to you he competed in History Channel's "Forged in Fire" series in 2015. You can observe him at work during tours that are offered at this blacksmith's shop daily.



8. Historical Tours

Historical tours are a great way to see town's beautiful architecture and to find out about the past. The tours are organized by the Bellville Historic Homes & Structures. The walk includes many old buildings that are maintained to perfection and a visit to the Bellville Downtown Square.

One other must-see building in Bellville is the Turnverein Pavilion, which is a grand 12-sided social hall, dating back to 1897, when it was dedicated to community for gymnastics, calisthenics, dances, and town meetings.



9. Huff Brewing Company

After a day of sightseeing and visiting the past, a cold beer or two is as good as it gets. Huff Brewing Company is a family-owned brewery business, where you will find spectacular lagers, ales, and seasonal brews year round. You can come in for tasting on Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm and by appointment of Saturday.

Huff brewery is the first one since Prohibition to produce beer in Bellville in 2012. It hasn't been a long road yet, but it's definitely a good one for locals and tourists alike.



10. Nothing Ordinary Antiques & Oddities

You are in Texas, so antique hunting comes naturally. This shop is located in a 1900's car dealership and covers over 7,700 square feet stuffed with treasures. You can find American and European furnishings, home decor, and garden items. It would take days to thoroughly see all this place has to offer.

The owner is constantly visiting the Old Continent for exceptional pieces and brings in local Texan vintage artifacts. You can also find folk art and furnishing. Whatever your interests are, you are sure to find something here, so pay a visit and don't leave Texas empty handed.